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 Rules for Setting up a VG Team, And Team Battle System.

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PostSubject: Rules for Setting up a VG Team, And Team Battle System.   Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:49 am

To have a vanguard team you must have at least 3 other people or be an official Team on Cardfight area. If you are an official team on cardfight area please let me know so I can add you into the rep chat the team leaders of Area have on the chat and we can explain how the Team systems work.

Their are many ways of Team Battles In Vanguard such as these
A member goes until they lose if they lose they will be out of the TB and must wait till its over.

Round out
Each player gets a chance to battle, if you lose you are out but if you win you have to face the person who won next its a little tricky to explain this battle system but its quite easy once explained better.

Their are also different stuff in TBs that aren't in regular battles. Such as

(Double Mulligan)
You are aloud to shuffle your hand for a new hand twice in the beginning instead of once.

(No Switching Decks)
Normally this rule is automatic but in the past with the actual reps their have been problems with people switching decks during a Team Battle.

(Diverse Clan)
Teams can not use the same clan so 2 people can't use Royal Paladin in the same TB, Even if the decks are different then each other they are from the same clan.

(No Binding Starter)
You can bind your starting vanguard if you do you technically don't have a vanguard therefor you lose.

(No Soul Charging Starter)
Same rule as NBS but you can not soul charge your starting vanguard once again it is technically not on the Vanguard Circle its in the soul of the Vanguard so therefor you don't have a Vanguard.

And that's pretty much the different system for TBs on Cardfight Area.
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Rules for Setting up a VG Team, And Team Battle System.

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