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 Dorms Rank-Up System

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Sawada Tsunayoshi

Sawada Tsunayoshi



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PostSubject: Dorms Rank-Up System   Dorms Rank-Up System EmptyThu Feb 25, 2016 10:30 pm



Dorms Rank-Up System Sng2EU8
Welcome to Pendulums Duel Academy's rank up guide, in order for you to rank up in PDA you need to gather EXP. without this basic requirements you won't be able to gain access into the higher dorms.

You're probably wondering by now how do you gain EXP, EXP (a.k.a Experience) can only be gained in Arena Duels and Main Events. We will keep track of all your EXP and you will be able to see them in your profile and posts.

Once you get all the requirements to rank-up into the next dorm you can notify one of our Staff members via PMs, the chat box or DN.

Timegazer Magician

Starters dorm, this is where all of the new members get auto-placed in to start gaining experience and rank-up!
The requirements are as follows:
Dorms Rank-Up System Ceg6DSN
• Log in the chat box
• One post in any topic

Performapal Hip Hippo

The Performapal Hip Hippo dorm is the second step on the path of greatness, awarded to the strongest members of the Timegazer Magician dorm after getting all of the qualifications.
The qualifications are as follows:
Dorms Rank-Up System JafMmMS
• 75 EXP

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

The Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon dorm is home to some of the academy's strongest duelists and veteran players. The place you strive for all the way from Timegazer Magician.
The qualifications to this dorm are as follows:

Dorms Rank-Up System H7rGA2V
• 300 EXP

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Sawada Tsunayoshi

Sawada Tsunayoshi



<b>Posts</b> Posts : 491
<b>Duel Points</b> Duel Points : 35714

PostSubject: Re: Dorms Rank-Up System   Dorms Rank-Up System EmptyThu Feb 25, 2016 10:48 pm



Welcome, Guest! If you are a Timegazer Magician dorm member then you probably should take a good look into this update! every Timegazer Magician dorm member now has the right to buy a rank up duel for 400 DP or use one free rank-up duel that you will get each month, if you get the required amount of score during your duel, you will be promoted instantly into the Performapal Hip Hippo dorm!

Testing Form

(For staff to use and members to read)

In your rank-up duel, you can use any deck you want except for the normal boring decks such as Exodia, Stall, Burn, etc... like for real bruh.
(Tester's name) vs (Testee's name)
(Tester's deck) vs (Testee's deck)
Duel Result: Testee [0/1/2] - [0/1/2] Tester

Deck Build: x/10 (NOT judging originality, but judging how well the cards in the deck and eventual techs work together)
Side Deck: x/10 (again, NOT judging originality, but how the side deck works against the most played decks this format and whether it has good or bad cards to side)

Gameplay & Concentration:
Use of cards: x/5 (considering testee's opening hand. A screenshot of your starting hand may be asked at the start of the duel for a more accurate evaluation)
Siding skills: x/5 (how the cards that the testee sided work against the tester's deck. A screenshot may be asked during siding to better see which cards you sided. The screenshot has to be given at the end of the match)
Performance: x/10 (number of misplays that the tester caught, general playstyle of the testee, etc. This also includes concentration, meaning that the tester CAN make minor illegal plays and give the testee time to catch them, HOWEVER the tester WILL have to tell the testee about the illegal play and will have to fix it before the game proceeds. This is to avoid cheated wins by the tester)

Total Score: x/40

If your score is 0-19 you will remain in Timegazer Magician
If your score is 20-40 you will be ranked up to Performapal Hip Hippo

How to post the results

(For staff)

* When you test someone, you MUST go to the Timegazers Dorm Section and post the results there using the following form.
* You MUST post the topic in the "Rank-Up Duel Records" section, writing the title as "X's Rank Up Duel Records ", of course, X is the username of the member being tested.

The Form:

PDA © Copyright Pendulumss Duel Academy. All Rights Reserved.

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Dorms Rank-Up System

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