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 General Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: General Roleplaying Rules   General Roleplaying Rules EmptyFri Feb 26, 2016 12:46 am

Pendulums Duel Academy's Roleplaying Rules

This post contains the rules for PDA's Roleplaying Subforum. Failure to go by these rules will result anything from an OC application not to be accepted, to getting kicked out of the RP, or even matters taken into CDA's staff.

PDA Rules and Regulations Still Apply. Especially Respect Between Hosts and Other Players.
The host came up with the world. Ultimately, their word is law. It's completely unacceptable to disrespect the host of a roleplay you're involved in; without it, the game wouldn't happen. If you have a major issue, bring it up CALMLY via private message.

As for respect the other players, this would be entirely pointless without the other players. If you've got an issue with another player's action, again, discuss it without hostility via PM, or, failing that, with the host or the resident section moderator. Cursing at another player outside of casual conversation is unacceptable and rarely leads to anything productive.

Be Aware That Other Players Have Plans.
If you do something that affects another character in a significant way, ALWAYS discuss it in the OOC thread or via PM first.

Big Changes Need Arbitration.
If you ever do something that would significantly change the course of the story's development or the development of another player's character, you absolutely NEED to discuss it with the host or the other player first.

Do Not Godmod
This is basically creating an action that allows no reaction. Flying, Invincibility, Punching without allowing a dodge, dodging impossible situations, supernatural powers, etc.

Avoid Mary-Sueing
IE, a character without flaws. They are the best fighter, they never lose, they have the perfect attitude, they are loved by the townspeople, they are immortal, they are a member of a secret organization whose goal is to take over the storyline of my RP. Basically, they’re no fun for anyone to RP with. Don’t go over the top with your character, give them some flaws. You can find multiple ways of how to avoid making your OC a Mary Sue in this forum.

There are exceptions to this rule, such as (keep in mind rather loosely) Would be encouraged or necessary. In games where a player or NPC is clearly significantly above others in terms of skill, it’d be wise to try and keep the character performing outstandingly.
That said, keep in mind this exception only applies to hosts, and this is a thing

Avoid Constant Meta-Gaming.
Meta-gaming is when your character knows things they they would have no possible way of knowing in the RP setting. There are some things the host will introduce to you purely for your own knowledge, but do not assume your character will know these things unless it makes sense. Use common sense, and if you can't remember whether your character should know something, don't be afraid to look back through the pages or ask the host.

Put Effort Into Your Roleplaying
If you want to be straight forward and to the point, fine, but at least write a paragraph. One-Liners will be strictly forbidden.

Lets Not Go Over the Top
Plain and simple. Look, Swearing is from time to time encouraged here , especially when it would enhance the emotion of the situation. However, this does not constitute you going and dropping F-bombs and such every other word.

In addition, This is not a Horror or Soft Porn film. This is a Yu-Gi-Oh! Forum. If 12 year-olds can come here, its probably not a good idea for them to see this stuff. Excessive gore and graphic sexual scenes are not acceptable here.

When Creating an RP, Follow the RP tittle Syntax
This is needed to be put in your RP post tittle either before or after the tittle of the RP. You can read the thread "Title Syntax and You: How to Properly Tittle and get your RP Thread Approved" for more detail. Below you will find the tags you can chose from and their descriptions:

[OOC]: This is the Out of Character discussion thread for the RP it applies to. This is where the players and host can discuss the RP or things relating to it.

[Sign-Ups]: Where players can sign up for the RP.

[OOC/Sign-Ups]: a Hybrid of the above 2 tags. These are done mostly to avoid having to make an extra unnecessary thread as sign-ups can usually be handled in the OOC.

[Interest Check]: These are Threads put out before the RP gets rolling to see if any interest in it exists. It can also be used to discuss the finer details of an RP before it comes out to help the Host polish the product before getting it out there. These are highly useful as it keeps you from Hosts from making 2 dead Threads, and instead making 1 in the case there is no interest, and it is a toll to help them iron out any kinks as well. Also you cannot proceed to post a Sign-Up thread without having me, bote, approve it.

[IC]: In Character. This is where the Magic happens, as it is where the bulk of the RP will be done. No OOC stuff should ever be discussed here, if it must it should be denoted by (( )), but it should be kept to a minimum.
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General Roleplaying Rules

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