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  T.D.O.A.N.E! A new dueling system!

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Sawada Tsunayoshi

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PostSubject: T.D.O.A.N.E! A new dueling system!   Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:34 pm

Hello and Welcome to TDOANE, Guest
This right here is a quick walkthrough to YGO!Pro, The Dawn of New Era
Let's Start

This is TDOANE's Homepage, what you will see upon opening the App

Before i explain how each parts work, it's important to know all the Rules (READ IT HERE)









TDOANE Currency System :
KC Golds: mainly achieved by dueling, others means of obtaining it include : from your team, winning weekly tournoments
KC Diamonds: you can get them by Donating, winning weekly tournoments and Posting on forums!
(you need golds and diamonds to buy various items from store, some items can only be bought by diamonds)


Upon clicking on duel section you see this window :

Single Player: either play with A.I or do some puzzles, the choice is yours!

PvP: or Player versus Players, this is where you play against other people

-----how to play with others: either host a game by clicking on the part highlighted by arrow or join a game by double clicking available games (green and red parts)

Sadly, the rest of this guide is not available but things are really easy to figure out once you download it!
You can find more information about downloading the game on this link:

T.D.O.A.N.E © Copyright The Dawn Of A New Era Guide. All Rights Reserved.

PDA © Copyright Pendulums Duel Academy. All Rights Reserved.

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T.D.O.A.N.E! A new dueling system!

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