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 Minecraft ShowOff Rules

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PostSubject: Minecraft ShowOff Rules   Minecraft ShowOff Rules EmptySat Jan 09, 2016 6:55 pm

For the minecraft section, as we need to lay down some structure, I will be setting some rules down just in case one debates if their building is appropriate or not.

1. All buildings must be original by the person, and must be by them and them only. The only exception is if the person making the post includes the person who helped with them.
2. All structures may not in any way, shape, or form violate any of PDA''s regular rules.
3. May no structure in fact promote violence, or anything illegal internationally, or nationally depending on one's nationality.
4. Any post about a structure may be taken down by Minecraft Section staff, or any other staff if deemed to violate any of these statements.
5. These rules may not be negotiated to pardon one specific structure.
6. Use common sense when posting and don't try to "walk across the line" in any form.

More rules to be added soon!

These rules are subject to change at any time

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Minecraft ShowOff Rules

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