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Staff Rules

1) Do not abuse your power, this includes
1.1)Manipulating your own or somebody else's DP without a proper reason.
1.2)Banning/Kicking users from chat for no reason.
1.3)Deleting/Editing posts that relate to you in a negative way

2) Treat your fellow staff members with respect
2.1) Do not put yourself above them in superiority
2.3) Discuss staff decisions within staff chat, not in public chat.

3) Do not discuss a users ban with another user which is not staff

Forum Rules

1) Don't make unnecessary posts.
1.1) Don't make replies with only 1 or 2 words (I.E. wtf?, LoL etc). This will counted as spam
1.2) Don't revive topics that have been inactive for a week or longer. Except if you're bumping your own Dorm room.
1.3) Don't insult other members in your posts.
1.4) Double posting is not allowed (Unless your last reply has been done 24 hours to bump your post)
1.5) Posting Adult content is forbidden.
1.6) Bad language is not allowed in forum posts.
1.7) Posting sexual stuff in any shape or way is NOT allowed on this website.

2) Advertising VIA Posts/PM without an PDA Administrators permission to do so.
2.1) Posting an academy's name (short or normal) in your posts, messages, signatures, etc. Is not allowed at all.

ChatBox Rules

1) Spamming within the chat box is not allowed
1.1) Multiple occasions of typing inappropriately and/or repeating the same word(s) over and over again
1.2)Advertising and/or posting a website's (another duel academy) link within the chat box without an PDA Administrators permission (this may result in a direct IP ban)
1.3) Do NOT use caps repeatedly, we get it, you're excited and you want to express yourself but it is also considered as spam.

2) Bad Language is not allowed within the chat box(@ss,wh0re, f@g)
3) Keep discussions about Religion, Sexuality, and Personal subjects away
4) Don't post huge pictures(Which makes chat uncomfortable for users) Use a spoiler
5) Avoid arguments with other members.
6) Don't post adult content.
7) Don't post sexual stuff in any shape or way this is NOT allowed on this chat or any other chat related to this website.

Behavior Expectations

1) Respect PDA Staff and other Members of PDA.
2) Bad language within is not allowed.
3) Do not threaten other Staff/Members of PDA.


1) Backseat modding isn't allowed (If you notice that something is not right you can PM a staff member about it).
2) You may only have 2 signatures, but they shall not contain any bad language/nudity within.
3) No double accounts, caught 1st time will result as a warning. Multiple reports will be Ban worthy.
4) It is PROHIBITED to steal Graphics from the forum, anyone caught will be reported and IP Banned.
5) No talking about religion. We all have our different views, keep them to yourself.


1st Warning: We will take nothing from you.
2nd Warning: You will lose all your Duel Points and will be banned from the Chatbox for a day.
3rd Warning: You will banned from the Chatbox for 2 Days.
4th Warning: You will be banned for 30 Days on the Chatbox and Forums and it may be changed to an IP Ban.

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