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 Shadow Poker Rules and Information

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PostSubject: Shadow Poker Rules and Information   Fri Feb 26, 2016 1:38 am

Gameplay & Rules

1. The game can be played in a Single Player mode or Multiplayer, as many times you want, there are no limits. For each game, create a new topic though.

2. Single Player mode. You start by rolling the dice and drawing 5 cards. Then you have 2 more rolls if you need to (If you are not satisfied with your combination). Each of those additional rolls goes in a way that you discard the cards you don't need and draw the same number of cards by rolling the dice. At the end, you can collect DP depending on your hand combination.

3. Multiplayer mode. You start by declaring multiplayer mode and waiting for your opponent(s) to accept the challenge. Your opponent(s) accept the challenge by replying in your topic and rolling the dice to draw 5 cards. Then, you roll the dice at the end and draw 5 cards too. After that, to keep things not complicated like in real poker, you all have 2 more rolls to go. There will be no wagering in between like in real poker. Those 2 rolls are done in the same way like in Single Player mode, you discard unwanted cards and draw same number of new ones. There is no order in which you have to go when you play. Only thing that matters is that at the end, everyone finished rolling and then you compare the hands. The winner is player who gets the highest combination.

4. Hand Combinations. There is total of 5 different cards which are available from Bot:

A) One Pair [Single->100 DP; Multi->150 DP] = 2x same card Example:

B) Two Pairs [Single->100 DP; Multi->200 DP] = 2x same card + 2x same card Example:

C) Three of a Kind [Single->150 DP; Multi->300 DP] = 3x same card Example:

D) Full Academy [Single->200 DP; Multi->400 DP] = 3x same card + 2x same card Example:

E) Same Type [Single->250 DP; Multi->500 DP] = 5x same card type Example (all spells):

Notice that this is also Full Academy but because all of them are spell types, this one is higher than Full Academy. Also, Trap type is equal with Spell type, where Monster type is the highest in the chain, because monster type has only one card where other two types got 2 cards.

E) Poker [Single->300 DP; Multi->600 DP] = 4x same card Example:

E) Shadow Poker [Single->500 DP; Multi->1000 DP] = 5x same card Example:

E) Dice Jar Poker [Single->1000 DP; Multi->2000 DP] = 5x Dice Jar Example:

The prices are shown separately for Single and Multiplayer mode.

5. If tie happens, the price is split amongst the players, equally.

6. Multiplayer mode: Shadow Style. In this style you don't win DP like mentioned above, you wager your own DP as well as your opponents. You declare how much DP you wager and your opponent can accept your challenge by wagering same amount. At the end, winner takes it all. If tie happens, no DP change, no one gets anything, no one loses anything.

How to roll the dice

1. Upon topic creation (your starting post) its not possible to roll a dice. Therefore, you need to post one more time below first post you made in your topic to be able to roll a dice.

2. To post, open up posting full reply page by clicking corresponding reply button. (Quick Reply that you see below posts will not be able to roll a dice.)

3. Scroll down below "Preview" "Draft" and "Send" buttons and you will see "Dice Roll" module.

4. In that module you will see "Dice roll #1". In the combobox next to it there are many options you can choose. Choose "Poker Dice".

5. Next thing you will notice is "Dice rolls :" and a number 1 next to it. It represents how many times you will roll the dice. For this game you need to draw 5 cards to your hand so set that number to 5.

6. If you did everything correct, your Dice Roll should look like this:

7. Now, post your reply.

8. After you post, our "Bot" staff pet will post your dice result. Bot has no feelings so it will never post subjective results, everyone will be treated the same.

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Shadow Poker Rules and Information

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