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 PDA Recruitment Tournament

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Sawada Tsunayoshi

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PostSubject: PDA Recruitment Tournament   PDA Recruitment Tournament EmptyFri Feb 26, 2016 1:25 am



Welcome to the recruitment tournament, Guest. We created this tournament to help increase our activity in this forum, it will be deeply appreciated if you guys would help us out with that! and in return, we will offer some generous prizes for you guys!

Rules & Regulations

• The people you recruit cannot have the same IP as you (if they do, that means it's either you, or a member of your family. you can't post in here if you recruit a family member).
• There are no Sign-ups, to join, just recruit a new member. the new member that you recruited will have to post a reply to this topic, saying that you recruited him/her.


Recruit 2 new members to receive this userbar + 500 DP
PDA Recruitment Tournament O1rzcUa

Recruit 4 new members to receive this userbar + 1500 DP
PDA Recruitment Tournament RFUNI5j

Recruit 8 new members to receive this userbar + 3000 DP
PDA Recruitment Tournament DYKPnGW

Recruit 12 new members to receive this userbar + 6000 DP
PDA Recruitment Tournament UfD15LG

Bonus Prize!

PDA Recruitment Tournament WZh8xRZ

The user who recruits the most new members will receive this rank.

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PDA Recruitment Tournament

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