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Pendulums Duel Academy
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Renk-Up Duel Item

With this item, you will be able to have a rank-up duel with a staff member.
You must be a Timegazer Dorm member to buy and use this item.
Market Hg5IXP8
New Username

If you want to change your current username to something more appealing, you can purchase this.
Specify your new username in your Item purchase
Market Hello-My-Name-Is-Rupert-icon
Custom Smiley

You can have any smiley you want on PDA's smiley area as long as it doesn't go against the rules, the size must not go over 200x200 pixles.
Provide us with a link to the image
Market 5xwtWMT
Open A Deck/Gfx Shop

With this you will have permission to open up a Deck or Gfx Shop. PDA members can purchase your provided Decks or order Gfx from you with Duel Points.
You must open the Deck/Gfx Shop in Main Shop Section as a new Topic
Market XgkzPzS
Duel Points Transfer

With this you can send any amount of DP from your own to a friend of yours.
Input the amount and the name of the person you will be sending to.
Market AlkdUcg
Trending Video

With this you may change the trending video on the PDA Gallery page as long as the previous video has been up for 24 hours.
You must submit the Youtube link to your video.
Market 4IOfCV0

With this you will have permission to Create a Tournament. PDA members can then choose to participate and earn rewards from it.
You must create the tournament in the Tournaments Section in a new thread
Market Trophy-icon
Profile Song

With this item you can put a song in your profile, whenever you or anyone else visit your profile the song will start playing!
Please provide us with a youtube link when you purchase this item!
Market MNhFK33
Prank Item

With this item you can change a friend's name, glow, etc for one day!
You must state what is it you want changed.
Market SzbchgS
Username Glow

With this item you will get a glow to your username on the chatbox and topics, But if it's a color that can be annoying or will eventually harm the human eye it will be changed or removed.
Purchase this item for a glow on your name!
Market 82n2gpH
Custom Rank

With this item you can edit your rank with a pic of your choice to have it say whatever you want!(Members Only)
You will need to supply us with your own rank image.
Market Change-thing-icon

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